Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 08 [END]

I’m so sorry it takes me forever to sub this episode!

This episode is mostly about the ballet performance, so I was off guard because I thought there will be very few lines, at least 50% the normal episodes. Turns out it’s still quite a lot, all in all it’s still 70% of the normal episodes LOL.

Last episode of the drama! After everything the Company went through, they finally reached the first day of the performance. Please enjoy this as if you’re watching a real ballet show, because they almost performed the full show!

Episode 8 download

[1920×1080 | 49 mins | 1.44 GB]


I love this drama so much! It’s one of those underrated dramas that goes under most of people’s radar, it’s really a hidden gem!

I’m so glad I had the chance to encounter this drama and sub it, as it’s been a pleasant journey (although I’m slow XD) for me. I somehow feel no pressure watching and subbing this drama, unlike the ones that air on commercial TV stations with so much dramas and conflicts. I’m kind of sad that I can no longer see Aoyagi or Segawa or Takano or Mizuho-sensei and everyone else in Shikishima 😦 Love Kurashina Kana a lot here.

Oh but my fave character is Nayuta! His character has grown so much from this arrogant, self-conceited idol to this humble, sensitive and hard-working ballet dancer. I hope he’ll be able to find a new path after his group disbands the following year! I really love his words about underestimating people, it’s true that people tend to underestimate idols because it may seem that they’ve got nothing but looks, but hey, dancing in an arena in front of tens of thousands of people sure needs a lot more than just good looks! I shall learn to not underestimate people!

But what really blew me off was the quality of the ballet dance! I never watched any ballet dance live, but they really bring out a great performance, it’s almost a waste to only be a TV drama. Of course, the drama itself collaborates with a real ballet studio in Tokyo, so I suppose most of the dancers here are real ballet dancers. But I didn’t do my research thoroughly, so I don’t know who is and who is not.

And how things turned in the end! I didn’t expect that Sara would be injured and Minami would replace her! It’s such a huge challenge for Minami but I can say her Odile was such a bewitching one! That seducing look she had was beautiful beyond words! It’s kind of unbelievable that she can do it without practice, but think about it again, she did auditioned for Odette before and both Mizuho-sensei and Takano-san were eyeing her. So let’s believe she can do it LOL. And it breaks my heart to see Sara looking so frustrated. She used to be my least favorite character, but now she has grown in me too! I love everyone in Shikishima Ballet! Including Kirigaya Ryo and the Kansai girl Maho LOL. Translating their lines is always fun.

Honestly, the last last last ending kind of turned me off, I mean it’s too good to be true for Aoyagi and Segawa to be working with Takano in London! But we can’t let Aoyagi be left in the dust when everyone else moves on with their lives, right? I’m also glad that he reunited with his wife and their family became whole again. I love Kana, she’s such a typical fangirl LOL.

For anyone watching this series, thank you for watching until the end and I hope you like my work!

6 thoughts on “Company ~Gyakuten no Swan~ episode 08 [END]

  1. I’ve been waiting for this episode and it didn’t disappoint. Thank you for making this series accessible to international audience. Gonna find full video of Swan Lake to watch this weekend.


  2. I can’t thank you enough for choosing Company, thanks thanks thanks :”) Sara has also grown in me too, I love how the story didn’t turn her into a real villain. I enjoy this sub with so much gratitude inside my heart for you. I hope you can always be happy and spend your time enjoying (and subbing) your favorite shows!


  3. Really grateful to you for seeing this series through to the end! Otsukaresamadeshita!
    This last episode was so packed, it had my head reeling. *spoilers* Murphy’s law much! But I’m glad the show turned out well in the end, despite everything. I really enjoyed the ballet itself, and the camera work for that was awesome too, showcasing everyone in the company. I think most of the main cast are ballet dancers (Shuntaro Miyao [haruka], Mina Kobayashi [sara], Ren Kuriyama [sota], etc. or had some extensive background and had recent retraining (Furukawa Yuta [nayuta]) 😛 The rest, i failed to google haha.
    The most touching part for me in this episode is what Haruka said to Yui during backstage, made me tear up a bit. I really enjoyed watching this! And all the characters are ❤
    thank you again for sharing this 🙂


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